Linear Friction Welding Fixture Sòphia High Tech, Marcianise, Province of Caserta, Italy
Posted on October 25, 2016 / 1129
Listing Types : Technology Offer
Country : Italy
Purpose : Acquisition Agreement
PartnerSought : Research Centre Institute, University, Large Enterprise, Small Medium Enterprise
TargetRegion : All European Countries

Sòphia designed, developed and produced a special electromechanical equipment for welding of titanium alloys with the principle LFW (Linear Friction Welding), rigidly anchored to the pallet on a machine tool.
This device, named Linear Friction Welding Fixture, allows to weld by linear friction (max 70 Hz, 100 kN) non-axisymmetric components (obtainable with the rotary friction welding, RFW) to more content compared to the purchase of the dedicated machine costs.
This special device allows to perform welding tests, between the same or different materials, in order to analyze the process parameters and to evaluate the characteristics of the weld.
In addition, the Company has carried out tests of welding between components of different materials, also obtained through Additive technology (mat: Ti6Al4V):

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