Bio Composite: Seaweed

Sòphia High Tech, Marcianise, Province of Caserta, Italy
Posted on October 25, 2016 / 1100
Bio Composite: Seaweed
Listing Types : Technology Offer
Purpose : Acquisition Agreement
Bio Composite: Seaweed
In all industrial sectors, with a focus on the transport, we try to use environmentally friendly materials, with high performance levels.
Sòphia, having consolidated know-how on composite materials, which are at the forefront in the transport sector, has gained knowledge of BIO composites.
More attention to GREEN materials, with targets aimed at both low environmental impact materials to eco-sustainable processes.
The company promotes their application in the transport sector. Starting from a fibrous reinforcement in posidonia (Seaweed), hemp or flax coupled to a thermoplastic matrix has succeeded in producing a retardant material of flame with high levels of thermo-acoustic performances. This material has attracted the interest of the construction industry, especially in the “green building”.

Through the National Operational Program, sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development, the company will finance part of the research for the development of a sandwich panel with high performance, for civil applications.Also the marine industry has shown interest to the use of this particular thermo-acoustic insulating material which is also naturally fire retardant, without the addition of additives.

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