Antonio Caraviello (born on 26/11/1986 in Torre Annunziata - 80058, Naples) graduated in Mechanical Engineering (Design and Manufacturing), cum laude, when he was 24 years old. After a few months of work in Italy, He was hired in a German aerospace company where he worked for about two years. Downstream the German work experience, he decided to come back in Italy in order to found Sòphia High Tech (, the company in which he covers the role of CEO. Sòphia, innovative startup operating in the transport-defence-space fields, is recognized as Spin Off at the University FEDERICO II. In just 3 year of activity, the company has hired 14 people. Meanwhile Antonio begins a PhD in Technology at the University FEDERICO II (Naples) that concludes successfully in April 2016. Antonio developed a consistent marketing plan, in Sòphia, and he represents the company brand (quality and dynamism). He is also responsible about the Sales and the industrialization of the company.