AUGMENTIO – Remote Support by Experts Anywhere

Naples, Italy
Posted on October 10, 2016 / 1096
AUGMENTIO – Remote Support by Experts Anywhere
Listing Types : Open Call
Purpose : Technical Cooperation
Intellectual Property Status : Secret Know-how
AUGMENTIO – Remote Support by Experts Anywhere
Augmentio technology can turn any device into a content augmentation platform, to assist the operators in the detection of parts and in the sequence to follow to mount / unmount systems and subsystems.

Where technicians need to achieve complex and multiple tasks following a precise order, the paper instruction sheets can replaces with intuitive digital contents.

The augmented work instructions to your workforce. Workers will understand processes quicker, spend less time on each step, and make fewer errors.

Any Technician can connect to an expert at any time, regardless of the current activity, to get the help they need to complete tasks. The expert sees exactly the same thing as the operator and can provide him with information in augmented reality.

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