RAV srl was founded in 1995 as a sole proprietorship and its main objective is the mass-production of high quality components for aerospace, marine, automotive and rail sectors. The promoter of the whole enterprise is Luigi Renna; young but with a great experience gained thanks to a twenty years employ in SALVER SPA (an historical company in Brindisi specialized into the construction of aircraft parts). In a small workshop near his home, he started the production of chalk tools products. After that, his Client package grew day by day and revenue increases year after year. New qualified work units were hired; the structure was enlarged and the company reinvested a large part of annual profits in purchasing new equipments and in modernization of existing ones. In June 2001, the private company became a limited liability company with a share capital of 93,300.00 euros. Currently considered a wonderful reality in Brindisi industrialization, RAV operates mainly in the field of aviation production realizing plaster cores and components for civil and military aircraft composite material. Today RAV, thanks to the extraordinary personality and to Mr Renna's personal skills and competences, achieved ambitious objectives and goals and it can trust into a qualified staff. Among its main clients, you can find: Leonardo SpA, TAI, PZL, Mecaplex AG, just to name the most well-known. It boasts considerable collaborations with research institutes like INFN and CETMA. Company's main objective is always to increase the local economy through innovation,research and by promoting its activities in Italy and abroad.