Sipal S.p.A

Via Invorio, 24/a, Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy
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Sipal S.p.A
Listing Types : Company Profile
Country : Italy
Annual Turnover : 15 - 25 [Mln]
Employees : 100 - 499
Certifications : OHSAS 18001
Sipal S.p.A
SIPAL was born in 1978 from the idea of a small group of dreamers, all electronic engineers.
Through the early years, the founder members committed all their energy to creating a veritable “forge of engineering”, which found its natural outlet in the aerospace sector.

SIPAL soon began offering a full range of Logistics Support service to the leading players in Aerospace and Defence and right from the start acquired all the security clearance necessary to operate at the highest levels of secrecy.
The end of the ‘eighties marked a turning point in the company’s history. In the midst of the crisis in the aerospace sector, SIPAL reacted by entering into a grand Italian group, the FININC Group, and succeeded in transforming this difficult moment into an opportunity for growth, leading the company to expand into the automotive sector as well and become a major provider of services to many leading companies in that extremely significant sector.

In those same years, to meet the increasing need for security and to safeguard the sensitive technical and industrial information handled by Italian Companies operating in the Defence sector, a group of SIPAL engineers and designers developed and patented a series of specific products to protect confidential information against potential interception. That marked the birth of the SIPAL Security Sector.

The mid-nineties once again saw the Company engaged in the search for new markets and new activities, and with. a growing desire not only to provide systems support, but systems design services as well, which led to a significant leap in terms of quality: the Design Division, which contributed to the ascent that in little short of a decade rendered SIPAL capable of designing plant, structures and systems in both the automotive and aerospace sectors.
Over the years SIPAL grew in terms of turnover and resources, and began its territorial expansion opening new offices and increasing its capacity to penetrate the Italian market.

But despite this growth the atmosphere of enthusiasm and commitment of SIPAL in its early years has remained the same, and now, with a workforce of more than 250 highly skilled professionals, it has become a company capable of providing truly global engineering services.
SIPAL today is a dynamic company with roots sunk deep in the past but projected toward the future, and fully aware that its strength and ability to take on the challenges of every new day comes only from the commitment of all the people involved in it.

Aircraft Manufacturing
Design and Analysis
Instrumentation and Measurement
Landing Gear
Machinery & Tools
Safety & Rescue Systems
Standard Parts
Test & Control Equipment
UAV, Drones
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