Strada Eschido, Latina, Province of Latina, Italy
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Listing Types : Company Profile
Country : Italy
Annual Turnover : > 25 [Mln]
Employees : 100 - 499
Certifications : AS/EN/JISQ 9100, EASA PART 145, EASA PART 21, EN ISO 9000, NADCAP
The company has been founded more than 40 years ago and his main activities are focused in civil and military business in the following 3 major areas:

a) ejection and crashworthy seats under Martin Baker’s license production and maintenance for national and international customers all over the world.

b) aeronautical civil and military structures design, development, certification and production, as a major tier 1 subcontractor of complex assemblies fully verticalized such as wings, passenger and cargo doors, floor grids.

c) Business Jet thrust reverser design, development, certification and production for national and international partners.

In the area of aircraft structures Sicamb capabilities include design, development, certification and production with his internal department of design and development activities.  In particular the business line of “Doors” and “Floors” which requires high technical knowledge for the design, manufacture and assembly are the main expertise of Sicamb kwon how. Sicamb is supplier of major international companies such as Airbus, Stelia Aerospace, Leonardo, Mitsubishi, Singapore Technology, Nordam. Main programmes are: –  New Mitsubishi regional Jet MRJ nr 5 passengers, baggage service doors – large cargo doors size as the A380 MDCD and UDCD , A330 GMF MDCD, A320 P2F MDCD – baggage and rear door of Falcon 2000 – A380, A321, A330 P2F Floor grids.

In regards of the equipment sector the main activity is the thrust reverser design, development, certification and production. In particular programs for the family Falcon 2000 and 900 and Hawker Cesna for which collaborates with international partners.

Aircraft Manufacturing
Design and Analysis
Electrical Harnesses
Interiors, Furnishing
Machinery & Tools
Metal treatments
Precision Machining
Safety & Rescue Systems
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