NAIS SRL – Nextant Applications & Innovative Solution

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NAIS SRL – Nextant Applications & Innovative Solution
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Country : Italy
Annual Turnover : 0,5 - 2,5 [Mln]
Employees : 20 - 49
Certifications : EN ISO 9000
NAIS SRL – Nextant Applications & Innovative Solution
NEXTANT Applications & Innovative Solutions – NAIS was established at the end of 2005, as Italian private owned; It’s an ICT System House based in Rome, classified as SME according to the European Commission classification (2003/361/EC).

Company’s mission aims to design and propose to the proper market sectors, innovative applications and services based on ICT technologies and Satellite Navigation, EO & Communication assets.

NAIS core competencies on Space & Defence market’s domain plays a strategic role in the development of innovative application by enabling technologies. Passing through R&D Projects, product industrialization and commercialization, NAIS completing in this way the whole Technology Transfer Process.

Over time several innovative applications and services have been developed and now  available in the field of Smart-mobility (solution for both citizens and tourists transportation support and information), Emergency (mission management and resource planning), Cultural Heritage (safeguard, fruition and prevention), Maritime (search & rescue, mission management and access to harbour and docks), Defence (air defence systems radar), and Aeronautics (Air Traffic Management system 2D & 3D and flight information systems of General Aviation aircraft). Based on the following ICT knowledge:

– Satellite technologies (Navigation (EGNOS/GALILEO), Communication, and Earth Observation);
– Innovative HMI techniques based on Virtual and Augmented Reality techniques (e.g. applied to the development of non-conventional radar displays for the future Air Traffic Control);
– Engineering and architectural aspects (e.g. Enterprise Architecture, Model Driven Engineering, SOA, RAMs analysis…) applied to the development of complex safety critical systems (e.g. next generation ATM systems).

NAIS was involved and in someone still running, in National & European R&D project and programs, such as in the ATM sector: SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research), eATMS (new ATM Italian program) S2BAS (Small airport & small aircraft flight information services) and RAID (RPAS & ATM Integration Demonstration). In ESA-ARTES20 IAP program; IRIS ANTARES  on the SATCOMM domain, SIMONA on Maritime situation awareness and in ASI co-financed project such as: WHERE in the Earth Observation/GMES technologies on Cultural Heritage domain and AIRONE on Aeronautic Meteo services. Some others on Transport, Maritime and Cultural Heritage areas of European Frame Programme, such as: Meduse (FP7), Enhanced Wisetrip (FP7), ITACA (FP7).

Company technical skills are covering the following matters: GNSS, Location-based systems, Multi-link communication concept and technologies, Wireless communication, Satellite and terrestrial data communication, Satellite Earth Observation systems, ATM concepts and systems, ADS-B surveillance, Flight Information Services, HMI techniques based on Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies, Visual Modelling and Simulation, Verification and Validation task. WebGIS systems, EO mapping analysis. (classification, change detection, shape detection and interferometry).

NAIS aims at completing the process, through the industrialization of the prototypes and demonstration components, and packing them into competitive solution to propose to the market sectors requiring high degree of innovation.

Over the proper market sectors with strong stakeholders relationship, NAIS has already completed the process, and some of its solutions are already in the offer portfolio. Market oriented products & services:

– VECTOR ©:  “real time monitoring system for sensitive items transportation” to monitor and control “sensible goods” such as: Cultural Assets, Fresh and Frozen Food or Dangerous Materials

– NESS © : “NAIS Emergency Support System”: a command & control service platform for emergency missions management and on-field resources deployment. Fire Brigade, Law Enforcement, Civil Protection, State Forestry Corps and many others organizations can take advantages in the intervention readiness and decision making process as well as in the efficiency resources allocation.

– NEXTOUR: this is an application that provides innovative end user service for fruition of Art Cities, Archaeological areas and for the safeguard of Cultural Assets. The IT platform can help the tourism operators to manage end user emergency along site visits.

– CALIPSO © : innovative location based services for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). An  information platform design through ICT technologies, satellite navigation, wireless communication, mass-market terminals and GIS; addressed to managers and end-users of MPA.

– QUO VADIS: information service by App, that provides all the data about Limited Traffic Zones (LTZ) udated in real time. The application shows on map the LTZs geometries and the relative access points, highlighting with colours those ones are currently active. The geographic position of user is projected on the map to show the proximity of his location to the LTZ areas.

Custom oriented technology solutions:
D3: an IT framework for the development of 3D distributed interactive applications aimed at representing geo-referenced 3D worlds and capable of integrating heterogeneous surveillance data (e.g. GNSS data, radar data) coming from both operational and simulation systems. D3 is also useful for Cultural Heritage support by mean of 3D graphics representation of archaeological areas or urban building blocks of common interest, ATM scenarios. This technology can be an asset in the environment monitoring application such as those of GMES.

VIDEOR: a EO & GIS framework for the monitoring and safeguard of natural heritage in the areas of common interest. The developed application will be able to provide data for Urban Policy Planning, Critical Infra-structure Monitoring, Environment Protection, Cultural Heritage monitoring & control. The data management will take into the account the following elements: structural changes, changes detection, environment pollution and climate changes.

Indoor Localization: Italian patent MI2010A000348

NAIS solutions are based on the most advanced IC Technologies, providing the best solution to the more demanding functional and service needs through a higher level of flexibility, scalability and reliability

Communications Systems
Control Systems
Defence Systems
Design and Analysis
Instrumentation and Measurement
Navigation Systems
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