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Via John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 5, 80124 Napoli, Italy
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Euro.Soft srl
Listing Types : Company Profile
Country : Italy
Annual Turnover : 0,5 - 2,5 [Mln]
Employees : 10 - 19
Certifications : EN ISO 14000, EN ISO 9000
Euro.Soft srl
Company Profile and Background Experience
Euro.Soft operates in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) sector, particularly for technological systems and technical consulting. The Company is certificated ISO 9001:2008 for “Design, Development, Supply and Assistance of Software, Computer Systems and Telecontrol Systems” and operated in conformity with the ECSS ESA (E40, Q80, M..) standards. Is certified SOA for OS19 category ( TLC systems and data transmission) and is authorized to operate in the military sector. Some customers are: ASI, ESA, Thales Alenia Space, Atos Origin, Datamat, SAM, CIRA, Regione Campania, Poste Italiane.

Activity & Customers
Euro.Soft means to be a dynamical firm operating in the ICT sector. The treated activities come within the development/integration of information technologies in the following sectors:

– Aerospace software applications and research projects
– GIS and remote sensing applications.
– Monitoring and remote-management systems
– Industrial & civilian automation plants supervision and management.
– Research activity and technical consulting.

Here it is shown a list of the projects developed for our most important customers:

Aerospace and Astrophysics
– COSMO SECOND GENERATION – (customer Thales Alenia Space): Design and development of Constellation Simulator Platform Models.
– COSMO SECOND GENERATION – (customer Thales Alenia Space): design, development and integration of simulation models of PDHT and SAR subsystems.
– COSMO SECOND GENERATION – ELECTRICAL I/Fs ELECTRICAL COMPATIBILITY SIMULATIONS (customer Thales Alenia Space): modelling of electrical interfaces, modelling of grounding and wiring, interfaces’ compatibility analysis, Worst Case Analysis, modelling of the 1553 bus and noise rejection analysis
– SiHM Design and development of an electronic system for the Health Management & monitoring of antennas for radio telescopes.
– SKA (Square kilometer Array) Electro-mechanical design within the DISH consortium (EIE/SAM consortium).
– SIMDEO GIS integrated system for monitoring the landfill with EO data (co-funded by ASI, Italian Space Agency) IN PROGRESS
– IRENE Project (Italian Re-Entry NacElle) (ALI consortium for ASI) phase A
– MIOSAT satellite program: Deployable telescope phase B optical and electronical design (consultancy for A-Technology).
– Application of satellite navigation for disabled: study of navigation system for blinds and definition of a man-machine interface (NADIA project for ASI)
– SIGRI Pilot project for the fire risk and detection via-satellite of the burned surface areas with EO and Non-EO data (Consorzio SAM – financed from ASI Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) ”.
– Training activity for “Carabinieri corp” about satellite technologies for earth observation, environment and territorial monitoring, ENVI software.
– TELESAL Pilot project for e-health satellite applications (Kell – financed from ASI Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) ”
– CIRANO Study and system definition for a “Robotic Support System” for the Lunar Exploration — robotic navigation in the within of ASI’s exploration lunar plan: Obstacle Detection and Avoidance by stereoscopic vision, visual odometry (ECSA/IDEA – financed from ASI Agenzia Spaziale Italiana).
– GHIBLI Plasma Wind Tunnel: automation system for probe placement (Marotta A.T. – Final CIRA).
– COSMO Program: M-GSE automation application for the antenna placement (MEG – final Alenia Spazio spa)
– EPDS (Experiment Procedure Development Software) Program: Software test execution, for, with Cantata tool (MARS – final Alenia Spazio spa)
– Study and system definition for the fire risk and detection via-satellite of the burned surface areas with EO and Non-EO data (Consorzio SAM – financed from ASI Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) ”.
– Study and system definition for e-health satellite applications (Kell – financed from ASI Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) ”.
– COSMO Program: SW telecommunication application “post processing” and image transmission and management for the EGSE PDHT (Laben spa)
– GOCE Program: Software “Boot strap & flight” modules test execution, for, with Cantata tool (Laben spa)
– EuroSkyWay program: Research project finalized to the realization of a prototype software application (IDBGuardian), ESA.
– Research activity about the detection and data transmission technologies for the NBC (Nuclear, Biologic and Chemical risk) – Laben spa.
– Research activity project “telemammography system” (Laben spa).
– Research project finalized to the realization of a software application for the work-optimization of the stamps for satellite antennas (in partnership with Foxbit srl and Airmec scarl).

Industrial & civilian automation and tele-control.
– Wind Monitoring System – Port Authority of La Spezia / University of Genova.
– Auxiliary control system for emergency bridge cranes (FOM spa).
– Application “Web Telecontrol System,” (WTU) for management and remote control of:
o lift installations (EVODIALIFT Evolutionary Project E-Diagnostics and Predictive Telemonitoring for Lift-And Maintance) (Del Bo SpA – NA)
o home automation systems (Project MONDIEVOB Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Evolutionary) (Del Bo – NA)
o telemedicine (home care) (Project Siamed Hybrid System for Medical Applications of Telecommunications) (Fastek Italy – NA)
o network of reconfigurable IR sensors for monitoring and fire safety outdoor wireless connectivity over large areas, RAISED, (Technapoli Consortium).
– Satellite telecontrol and environmental monitoring system of Mercogliano’s “Campomaggiore” hill (Italy).
– Sea water quality telecontrol and videocontrol of Naples gulf (Naples municipality)
– Survey, study, design and direction of rehabilitation and telecontrol works for the water distribution in Santiago de Cuba.
– Supply, configuration and training for the GIS and DSS software for the municipality of Santiago de Cuba.
– Monitoring, supervision and telecontrol systems of water distribution plants, irrigation plants, treatment and potabilization plants (irrigation area of Volturno, municipalities of Isernia, Bojano, Solofra, water treatment plant of Naples S. Giovanni a Teduccio, Water distribution plant of Naples Port., Volturno irrigation basin, for Casertas’ district, Isernia, Bojano (CB)…).
– Design of a fence protection and videocontrol system of the Capodichino airport in Naples.
– Hardware/Software integrated applications for industrial automation: refrigerators functional test for Merloni electric household appliances Carinaro & Manisa Turkey; control of granulating machines for “Cornetto Algida” and experimental line for production of new ice-creams for Unilever – Sagit; plaster blending line for VIC Italia; “Charms – Magic Candy” wrapping machine setup; shearing machine automation for the FIAT Cassino.
– Design and implementation of hardware/software integrated systems (DB Oracle / Informix) for storehouse management: EDI.ME S.p.A.“IL MATTINO” daily newspaper, Merloni Elettrodomestici, Gruppo Barbaro, TNT Tecnologistica.

WEB Technology & CRM based applications
– SW development for HTS project (Halgol – Final : Telecom). Monitoring and analysis of company data, particularly e-mail messages, coming from Sunrise and Copernico Telecom systems, with Windows Exchange management.
– A.R.T. (Analisi Rete Trasmissiva) project: design and development for Datamat (final Telecom)
– HPM Human Performance Management project (Attitude for API/IP Petroli). Analysis and strategy planning of the human resources.
– SW development for Atos Origin project RingBackTone (TIM)
– Several TLC applications (final customers: TIM, Telecom)
– Web Portal “SIBA” for Public Administration – ASMEZ
– Software development of web based and CRM applications (DB Marketing from the Capodichino airport, in Naples).
– E-Commerce and management web based application: Divani&Divani.
– Design and implementation of airport facilities management: project “Constellar Replacement” in Unix environment for BAA S.p.A London Airport, Access Control System, Taxi Parking Management System, Project “Lost & Found System” and the Human Resources Management Project for the Capodichino airport in Naples.

Research activity and technical consulting
– Research on ICT application for Ship maintenance management.
– Development of software for planning road journeys of waste collection (Consortium of municipalities in the basin NA1, Giugliano in Campania)
– WTU: Development of a Web Telecontrol System and related software applications, management centre). Embedded system electronic telecontrol unit HW development (RTU) (funded by Italian Ministry of Research.
– AMICO (Intelligent Automation and Monitoring of consumption): development of a technology platform to assist management decisions in consumption of energy and security of the Ship during navigation and maneuvering in port (MISE Financing “industry 2015 “, leader of the ITS spa).
– KITE.IT (Knowledge and Business Intelligence Technologies in Cross Enterprise Environments For Advanced Italian Mechanical Industry): development of innovative technology platform to support the transition of the chains of firms in the advanced mechanics, with particular reference to the value chain in the aerospace sector. (MISE Finance Industry 2015, Lead Engineering spa). IN PROGRESS
– SCREENSYS Project: Consultancy for the development of an automated system for early detection of breast cancer in screening campaigns. (Funding FILAS Biotechnology Partners: University of Cassino, Catholic University of Rome “Twins,” Kell, TES).
– AMSA (Advanced Maintenance Management System for Aerospace): Study of a relational model based on Networks of Nodes of Expertise (RNC) and application to aerospace research aimed at developing an ICT platform for the collaborative management of maintenance processes.
– Development of Real Time algorithms for objects Tracking in crowded scenes.
– Research activity into the extraction and matching of image features by circular harmonics: application to object recognition and recognising panoramas.
– Multispectral images analysis (visible and infrared): identifying of place at environmental risk.
– Feasibility study for the realization of a “Space Camp” in Campania Region ( Space Camp Italia).
– Research project for a software application for the management of the naval maintenance (in partnership with Software Design spa and Mecnal srl).
– Specialist ICT consulting and/or training for: Datamat, Atos Origin, Software Design S.p.A., Iset s.r.l., Gruppo Engineering S.p.A., Akros S.p.A., SPIN S.p.A., Alenia Marconi, Regione CAMPANIA, Regione LAZIO, regione TOSCANA.
– Research activity and technical/economical/organizational consulting (various).

Partnership & collaborations
Since 1991 Euro.Soft has been working for public and private organizations, either on national or international projects, attaining a valuable knowledge. The society collaborates with Universities and research centers. Euro.Soft is part of ALI Consortium operating in aerospace sector.

Resources and Structure
The Staff is composed by 14 human resources, among the company partner, employees and consultants (11 with engineering degree). The physical structure, located in Naples, viale Kennedy n°5.

Electronics: Xilinx FPGA , Orcad, Eagle, Microchip Mplab, PicC compiler, Labwiev, Libero IDE v7.2, Assembler for µP Motorola.
Software Visual Studio (C/C++, Visual Basic) – Cristal Reports Developer 8 – Jbuilder – JSP/Tomcat – PHP – Visual (,, ecc.); O.S. Windows NT e UNIX; Data Base: SQL server Oracle, Informix; Microanalysis and designing methodologies, developing methodologies in Host Environment, OOP/UML modelling techniques, RDB Design, SW testing (Cantata), GIS Software (AutoCad Map, ArcView, MapInfo,..),

Automation and CN (Siemens, Omron, Allen Bradley, G.Electric), supervisor standard packets (SCADA), software and hardware designed for data communication on long distances (over radio, modem, infrared, informatics and telephone networks), servomechanism and actuators.

Control Systems
Ground Equipment
Space Systems & Equipment
Test & Control Equipment
UAV, Drones
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