e-voluzione srl

Via Diocleziano, 107, Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
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e-voluzione srl
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Country : Italy
Annual Turnover : 0,25 - 0,5 [Mln]
Employees : Until 2
Certifications : EN ISO 9000
e-voluzione srl

e-voluzione was born in 2004 as a high-tech company, working in industrial, aerospace and research fields, focusing on complex hardware/software applications development.

We can count on highly-qualified human resources with strong  experience in several fields: from industrial to aeronautics and space, from data acquisition and storage to multimedia.

The leader Francesco M. Sacerdoti is adjunct professor of Temple University, College of Science and Technology and Visiting Scientist at CERN (Geneva).

Francesco M. Sacerdoti has designed and realized a lot of Ground Control Centers for Space and Industrial Applications i.e.:

  1. Space Shuttle Missions:
    1. D2 (STS-55) 1993 Ground Center at GSOC, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
    2. IML-2 (STS-65) 1994 Ground Center in Cape Canaveral, USA
    3. LMS (STS-78) 1996 Ground Center in Cape Canaveral, USA
    4. STS-107 2003 Ground Center at FIT (Florida Institute of Technology) Melbourne, FL USA

e-voluzione has been group leader for the European Community experts group for common standards choice in Defence (EG6), and is a potential supplier for the European Space Agency (ESA).

e-voluzione implements a Quality Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard for industrial applications developing.

e-voluzione is a technical reference for vision system, complex signal acquisition and manipulation, boasting among the staff a LabVIEW Associate Developer, a LabVIEW Certified Professional Instructor and a LabVIEW Architect (World’s top acknowledgement among LabVIEW developers) issued by National Instruments, World leader for data acquisition systems.

Main services and products:

  • test & measurement systems
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • technology transfer and patenting support
  • complex signal and image acquisition & processing
  • building automation (also AAL applications)
  • iPhone apps developing
  • advanced multimedia and museums applications

Principal Customers

e-voluzione is technology and innovation suppliers for large and SMEs:

AVIO Aeronautic Engines Test Equipments

Whirlpool Washing machines test laboratory, quality control systems on line, timer programming system

ALSTOM Analysis and recover of existing SCADA system

PPG Plant control systems, Quality Instruments control system

Pirelli & Prysmian Electric and Optical cable test equipments, measurement database

CIRA Technical analysis and upgrade of Mission Control Center for USV 1 & 2 (Unmanned Space Vehicle)

Vitrociset Part of USV Mission Control Center

IPM Group Public phone test and measurement equipments

Natuzzi SpA KanBan Push-Pull production consultant and Plant Simulation

Magnaghi Aeronautica Static test & measurement equipment for aeronautic cart

Rutgers Rail/ Cofren Vision systems

Laser vibration system

Braking analysis system

Acquisition system on-board trains

Soldering robot monitoring

Sintering furnaces monitoring systems

ITAG Design and development of new industrial laundry machines: autonomous transportation robot, colorimeters and automatic recognition system of tablecloths.

Strago FPGA & PXI acquisition system

Prosit Vision system for wood quality control

Plant machines monitoring and control

American Laundry Plant simulation & plant control

Visteon Test & measurement equipment for electronic systems

SINT: Acquisition system for gas and compressor lubrication

ASI (Italian Space Agency)

Didactic Stratospheric balloon experiment

Univ. Di Napoli e CNR: Laser system to measure pollution

Patents and Patent Pending

  1. Method and apparatus for checking and testing the characteristics of intervention clothes, in particular for firemen (named to LAA)
    International patent: EP1122538 (A2)
  2. Method and equipment for testing the color and reflectivity of high-visibility garments (named to LAA)
    International patent: EP1004879 (A1)
  3. High altitude eolic generator (A. Punziano e F. M. Sacerdoti)
    Patent pending: ITNA2005A000057. Sell to Airon srl
  4. Vibration and Deformation measurement system based on a telemetry. (F.M.Sacerdoti) Italian Patent: IT0001369738
  5. Magnetostrictive multiple tag identification system (F.M.Sacerdoti, R.Germano)
    Italian Patent: IT0001398170
  6. Relax room multidimensional 5D (F.M.Sacerdoti, E.Esposito)
    Patent Pending: ITNA2009A000051
  7. Forklift localization system (F.M.Sacerdoti) Patent Pending: ITNA2009A000055
  8. Equipment commands with an audio channel of a surround system (F.M.Sacerdoti, E.Esposito) Patent Pending: ITNA2009A000076
  9. Total Body Photography acquisition system (F.M.Sacerdoti, E.Bucarelli)

Italian Patent: IT0001397636

  1. Security System for forklift gates (F.M.Sacerdoti, E.Esposito)
    Patent Pending: ITNA2010A000006
  2. System and method for certifying a vehicle accident (F.M.Sacerdoti, S.Bove)
    Patent Pending: ITSA2011A000028
  3. Insect counting system (F.M.Sacerdoti, E.Esposito). Patent Pending: ITNA2012A000014
  4. Electronic wallet system based on SMS which allows secure payments at stores equipped with POS (F.M.Sacerdoti, G.Langella, M.Murzilli). Patent Pending: ITNA2012A000030
  5. Hand coupling and fixing device, in particular button fixing device (M.Gemelli, F.M.Sacerdoti). International Patent Pending: PCT/IT2013/000142
  6. Didactic Projector: Autonomous system to use web educational contents in a classroom (F.M.Sacerdoti, S.Pagliara). Patent Pending: ITNA2013A000048
  7. UPAC: Manual system to realize simmetric decorative bows  (F.M.Sacerdoti, C.Formicola, et al.). Patent Pending: ITNA2013A000053
  8. Load identification system on electrical outlet (F.M.Sacerdoti et al.) Patent Pending: ITNA2014000036
  9. Security and Safety Module for Rack Cabinets (F.M.Sacerdoti). Patent Pending: IT102015000058747
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