DTM Technologies company presentation

Via Tacito, 65, Modena, Province of Modena, Italy
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DTM Technologies company presentation
Listing Types : Company Profile
Country : Italy
Annual Turnover : 2,5 - 5 [Mln]
Employees : 10 - 19
Certifications : AS/EN/JISQ 9100
DTM Technologies company presentation
DTM is working since 1994 in design (3D, structural, thermal, CFD) and MAIT of aerospace structures for satellites, launchers, manned missions. DTM facilities include autoclave and tools and test equipments for manufacturing, qualification and testing of composite and sandwich parts. DTM capabilities include design and MAIT of thermal control systems as well as M-GSE, MT-GSE (thermal vacuum chambers) F-GSE (with special reference to extra high purity systems).
Test facilities available at DTM include vacuum thermal chamber,s static and fatigue test jigs, ISO 5 clean room, acquisition systems. DTM quality management system is certified according to EN-9100:2009.

DTM is an SME with design and MAIT capabilities with special focus on composite structures for aerospace. We have the flexibility to meet challenging cost targets, technical requirements and on-time delivery. DTM also developed several mechanical, fluidic and thermal GSE.

Aerospace structures or mechanisms including: launchers, satellite (primary, secondary, tertiary), satellite instruments (including optical), space vehicles (e.g. Exomars, IXV). DTM has also twenty years experience in design and development of scientific facilities for microgravity (sounding rockets, balloons, parabolic flights, ISS)

Large or mid scale integrators who could benefit from involving a flexible and reliable SME based in Italy. Co-operations with partners in the frame of H2020 proposals or other reasearch activities.

Composite Materials
Design and Analysis
Ground Equipment
Space Systems & Equipment
Test & Control Equipment
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