Novotech s.r.l. is an engineering innovation partner for companies in the aerospace field and other advanced technology industries. Novotech has been founded as spinoff consulting engineering company from the Department of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Naples “Federico II”. It still maintains roots and backbone with scientific institutions, like Universities and Research Centers, keeping a strong link and continuing relationship, especially, but not exclusively, in the aerospace field. During the years, to remain competitive Novotech has developed a particular know – how in aerospace, aeronautical engine and civil field, in particular for design, sizing, structural computation of principal part of aircraft, experimental tests and numerical simulations. Continual Novotech s.r.l. research leads to advanced, more robust solutions for even the most complex engineering problems. With two main operational offices located in Puglia and Campania regions, in Italy Novotech covers a strategic business position in the centre of Mediterranean sea.